Groningen Experimental Economics Laboratory

Welcome to GrEELab! We do research on decision-making and behavior in economic experiments. In our experiments participants typically sit in front of a computer and conduct some small tasks or make a choice between specific options. The two most important rules of GrEELab experiments are:

Payment for participation: participants of GrEELab experiments get a reasonable payment. The exact amount depends on the specifics of the experiment and on what participants do (e.g. on the choices they make or the tasks they do). The payment will always be in line with the instructions that participants receive during the experiment.

Truthful instructions: all information that participants get from the experimenter must be true. Note that this applies not only to the magnitude of the payment but also to the other details of the experiment. For example, if the instructions state that participants are paired with another participant for a certain task then the experimenter has to make sure that this is indeed the case.